Bless Their Little Soles...

Petite Feet are HAND-GILDED original casts of tiny feet to create something that is both a LASTING REMINDER of a child's birth and a beautiful piece of art in its own right. They also make an exquisite bespoke gift for a godchild, grandchild, or for new parents.

petite feet scene

Each pair of Petite Feet involves taking a mould of the baby's feet (preferably only up to eight months old) which is then mounted and gilded. What makes Petite Feet unique is that they are water gilded, an intricate process that dates back to ancient times and involves applying gold leaf to a prepared surface which is then burnished by hand to a rich, lustrous finish.

white gold feet

How to Order

gold feet

Your Petite Feet can be gilded in either traditional gold leaf or white gold leaf, which has a wonderful silver finish. Petite Feet are not sold in any shop - each pair is hand-made to order. For more information or to place an order, Call 087 781 9965.

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