About Jane Williams

jane williams

Jane Williams has been gilding and restoring for 14 years, 10 of which were spent in Loughcrew Studio, Co. Meath, restoring and teaching. She has worked in London and New York where work included pieces from Sotheby’s and Christie’s. In Dublin she has worked on the cross of the Minot Tower of St Patricks cathedral, clock faces of Temple Street Church (pictured below) gates and railings of Powerscourt gardens Co.Wicklow and the ceiling of the Dome in City Hall. Her work mostly involves restoration of frames, furniture and mirrors. Mould and casting of missing pieces on an item, regilding where necessary and re attachment of damaged moulding. Where possible conservation is always employed. temple street church

Recent Work

Recently she was commissioned to go to Norway to gild the ceiling of a music room in a private art deco house in Oslo, the ceiling was completely flat which was an unusual surface to work on, but the result was striking and contemporary cool. See Gilding Gallery for images.


Jane has been flower arranging professionally for the past 20 years, having grown up in the countryside, with a love of all things natural, her style is unstudied, she prefers a less formal display, but can caters to corporate and private clients alike. See Gallery for images.

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